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Going Fishing with a supWhy we have chosen the option of pre-ordering? Simple. It helps you – and us. In fact, you have a double advantage. 

Advantage No. 1: 

You can be sure that you will be among the first to receive your order as soon as the production is finished. Word of honor // free shipping

 Advantage No. 2: 

As a thank you, you get the BAJAO Cabin at the Early-Bird price. If you order your BAJAO SUP tent until May 10th, you pay 379 EUR compared to the official retail price which will be much higher.  

Why do we give a discount right from the start?

What do we get out of it now? To make it short: Better planning security. As a small, innovative start-up, we can’t afford horrendous quantities. Apart from that, mass production is simply not our thing. That’s why predictability is an important factor for us. 

And while we’re on the subject of predictability. Our capacity for this offer is limited. That’s not a stupid marketing trick, it’s just a fact. That’s why our pre-order offers are only valid until May 10. But we can tell you right now, even with the regular Early Bird offers you will still save. 

Start your adventure now. Start your journey now and become a BAJAO SUP Nomad. 

Save up to 100 EUR – Pre-Order now!

Of course we can’t keep this offer up indefinitely. That’s why our pre-order offers are valid until May 10.

Delivery date

We plan to deliver the first production batch in July 2022. However, the world has also become a lot crazier in the last two years. So we cannot define an exact delivery date due to the current complicated production and supply situation worldwide. However, it is immensely important for us to prefer to produce in an environmentally friendly way and with first-class quality instead of throwing a bad product onto the market under time pressure. You have nothing to gain from this, and neither do we. 

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BAJAO Cabin fits on every touring iSUP from at least 11,6 feet length, upwards there are no limits to the length. Comfortably lying on widths between 30 and 34 inches. BAJAO Cabin is absolutely flexible and fits on most iSUPs. Certainly there is enough space on your SUP as well. 

BAJAO Cabin on campfire by nightBAJAO Cabin is a new, innovative product that will enrich your life as a stand-up paddler by important facets. Especially if you are waiting for a product that allows you to go on tours of several days. Because with the BAJAO Cabin you always have your sleeping place on board.

BAJAO Cabin prototype on t4 as a roof tent with Christoph
After four years of development, a unique product has been created that can be built on any touring ISUP: BAJAO Cabin. This adds a cabin to your board and allows you to camp wherever your SUP tours take you: On the water, on land, or even on the roof of your car.

BAJAO Cabin technical drawing of Sup-TentAfter an extensive testing phase of different possibilities (and we really tried a lot), the decision was made to construct BAJAO Cabin with an inflatable frame. For us the optimum in terms of small pack size, functionality and safety. 

Waterproof tent sheet with water dropsBy using the highest quality materials, we have killed two birds with one stone. On the one hand we have succeeded in developing a tent for SUPers, but on the other hand at the same time an easy to set up, functional ultralight trekking tent. The advantages are obvious: it is extremely stable, small and light in weight. So perfect for the next tour. 

BAJAO Cabin Tent on a sup- board fixed with leash on waterThe basic construction consists of an inflatable frame to which the inner tent is attached. The air-filled round arches provide enormous stability and have a high wind load. They are attached directly to the sidepipes by means of Velcro points and straps. The purpose of the sidepipes is to compensate for the difference in height between the board - which serves as an insulating and comfortable base - and the ground, or the water. At the same time, the sidepipes widen the contact surface on the water and thus provide increased tipping stability. 

BAJAO Cabin is designed to be versatile. You can set it up on land, anchor it on the water, and even use it as a comfortable roof tent. You want to use it directly on the ground without a board? Go for it. Just let the air out of the sidepipes and use it like a normal ultralight trekking tent. For example, when hiking or bikepacking. 

BAJAO Cabin mesh tent on siren Sup Board on s coastOn warm days, a spectacular view awaits you. Then you simply leave the outer tent off and sleep protected by a mosquito net under the starry sky and watch the shooting stars. When it's colder or a rainstorm threatens, use your BAJAO Cabin with the included flysheet. Sounds good, is good. 

The BAJAO Cabin is a companion that doesn't take up much space. The packing size is about the same as a small backpack - and you can also save on a sleeping pad. Your iSUP board provides the necessary comfort.


Only using the best material you can get, to make BAJAO Cabin ultralight but extremely durable


You don't have many space on your Board during tours. That's why we have developed BAJAO Cabin with a very small pack size. On an iSUP you even save the sleeping pad.


Use it on land, with or without a board, use it on the water or use it on your car roof.


Our tent is registered with

the Patent and Trademark Office. This makes it unique and innovative. More than 4 years of development are in the heart project.

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