BAJAO Cabin draw Tent on board

BAJAO Cabin explained in short

Bajao Cabin is a double-walled tent with air poles that can be strapped onto any SUP from a length of 11.6 and thus extends the board by a cabin. BAJAO Cabin allows you to extend you tour to two days or more, using your Board as a sleeping platform. No need for a camping mat if using an iSUP; no need to secure your board while you are sleeping.

The tent itself is 3 meters long and adjustable to boards in different width and length. The inner tent is made of a lightweight fabric and mesh and is sewn to the air frame. It can be used without the outer tent, weather permitting. The flysheet is waterproof and can be pitched when rain or wind protection is needed. The pack size is amazingly small and saves you space on the board for the essentials.


Due to its side tubes, the tent gives the board additional stability on the water. This allows you to camp on the water. We recommend using BAJAO Cabin only on flat and shallow water or on solid ground.

On land, the tent can be used both with and without the board, because the side tubes are removable. This feature makes it multifunctional usable, for example during a bike packing or trekking tour.

Through the supplied adapters, you can inflate the tent with almost any pump: With an iSUP pump, a bicycle pump or a kite pump to name a few examples. 

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