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Die Aldi Heuchelei

Was bin ich doch für ein Heuchler. Ich kann nicht mehr zählen, wie oft ich folgende Frage beantwortet habe: „Was hältst Du von den Aldi-

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Me, the outdoor alien

Surf meets outdoor

Knives with fire steel, breathable outdoor pants and heavy hiking boots, all things that you rarely got to see as a surfer at events. It

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What is the vision behind Bajao

The vision behind BAJAO

What is actually the vision behind BAJAO? What drives us, what inspires us? And what does it actually mean, a vision? For this we have

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BAJAO Sup am Strand mit den preisen von nordpreneur


Coming out It was an exciting few weeks.  After Christoph told me more than 3 years ago about his idea with the tent for a

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