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The vision behind BAJAO

What is the vision behind Bajao

What is actually the vision behind BAJAO? What drives us, what inspires us? And what does it actually mean, a vision? For this we have once taken a short definition.

“A corporate vision is a positively formulated idea of what the future should look like with your company. With the corporate vision you indicate the direction in which your company should develop. Visions are always inspiring and motivating.”

So it’s by no means the case that visions are only something for wacky esoterics or monk-skin-wearing cult founders with dreams of financial freedom. We as a young startup are also allowed to have visions and even better – we are even allowed to share them safely.
So let’s get started and give you an insight into our thoughts, wishes and positively formulated future!
We see Stand Up Paddling not only as a short term emerging trend, but rather as the fusion of surfing and outdoor. We see a lot of SUP nomads coming out of the office building on a Friday at noon, parking their car at a beautiful lake, pumping up their board, strapping the already packed luggage onto the board and setting off for an overnight trip. 
Leaving the parking lot behind as quickly as possible, away from the country and the job, off into nature. Alone or with others, enjoy the micro-adventure. Land somewhere and prepare a delicious meal on the camping stove you brought along. Maybe drink a beer in the evening sun while you prepare the camp and then off to the feathers. The next morning, paddle back to the car, be at one with yourself and nature, and start the weekend relaxed. Or you just keep paddling and stay out for two days.
Actually, this is exactly what has already become a trend with bicycles as bike packing. Or has been practiced for a long time with the canoe and now also snapped to the SUP practice – only paired with a good portion of surf attitude.
So that it comes so far, it needs suitable equipment. Smart products that support you on your tours, adapted to the SUP sport. SUP is still young and therefore there is a lack of such products.
We would like to close this gap! We want to develop specific products for your SUP adventure, with a lot of added value. So that more people can experience a relaxed adventure in nature. We close the gap by combining surf and outdoor in our products.

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