BAJAO Starboard SUP Package – SUP Tent + Touring Paddleboard – SALE

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Just what you were looking for to extend SUP tours! The BAJAO Starboard Package for the super special price of only 999,- Euro

A high class Starboard Touring Board (12.6 x 30 Zen Touring) incl. fiberglass paddle and leash together with BAJAO Cabin, the SUP tent, for a unique package price. Limited quantity / save 350 Euro.


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Starboard Touring SUP ZEN 12'6" - The best Touring-SUP Set

Whether with luggage or without, with the Zen Touring 12.6 x 30 you are fast on your way and as a complete set it is very attractively priced. The linear dropstitch makes it light and small in pack size, the welded rails make the SUP board durable and ecologically well thought out.


BAJAO Cabin,

the tent for your multi-day trips on the Sup. The tent fits all Isup from a length of 11.2.
It is easy to set up and quickly attached.


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Whoop, here it is – Our BAJAO Cabin Bundle Offer!

The SUP tent with a touring SUP at a special price.

You want to make your first multi-day tours with the Paddleboard, but you are still missing a suitable Board for it?
You want to buy a roof tent, but the roof tents are just too expensive and too heavy?
Your trekking tent can not be combined reasonably with your SUP?

We have the great SUP tent offer for you!

In cooperation with Starboard we have put together an offer that not only gives you an extremely good touring SUP, but also packs a BAJAO Cabin on top. Compared to the single price you save a whopping 350 euros! The Starboard Touring SUP was tested by us in combination with a BAJAO Cabin and found to be good. You get a fiberglass paddle and a leash and thus an all-round carefree package.

The advantages of your SUP tent are endless:

  • Use the Starboard Touring SUP as a base for your SUP tent.
  • Spend the night on land on the SUP.
  • Use the combination of SUP and tent as a shelter when fishing.
  • Use the combination of high quality SUP and SUP tent as a roof tent.
  • Spend the night on the (calm and shallow) water where camping is not allowed.

The number of pieces at this great price is limited. Sale only within Europe.

Additional information

Starboard Touring SUP ZEN 12'6" - The best Touring-SUP Set




12'6" / 381cm


6" / 15 cm


19.3" / 49.0 сm


355 l


55 – 110 Kg


Single Finne (Zen-Fin)


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