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Whether with luggage or without, with the LiteVenture Ultralight Touring 12.2 x 30 you are fast on your way and as a complete set incl. Carbon Paddle it is very attractively priced. The x-woven dropstitch makes it light and small in pack size, the weight of only 8,3 kg make the SUP board a good fit for your next tour.

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Super light, yet resilient: The Lite Venture® ULTRA Light weighs only 8.3 kg and also packs a high payload. Finally, a lightweight touring board without compromise!
This is made possible by the use of high-quality materials. The board is built on double-layer, laminated dropstitch fabric. The layers are thinner than conventional boards, resulting in the light weight. The fact that it is still stiff is due to the cross-woven interior with very high thread density. Convince yourself of the features.

We have been testing the LightVenture iSUP in the past weeks and are overwhelmed of the quality of the board. But also on tours, the complete SUP set with paddle and leash makes quite a good figure. Especially the many options to strap your luggage are unique. The front and rear luggage nets offer really lots of possibilities to put your belongings and are well placed, even for longer tours.

The flat rocker line gives it a large contact area on the water, unlike boards with a bent up nose. As a result, it glides quickly over the water and has a better straight line run.

The 12’2″ is suitable for riders from 55 to 120 kg and offers the perfect balance of speed, stability and maneuverability you can expect from a
Touring board you can expect.

That’s why we love the LightVenture UltraLight SUP 12.2 x 30 :

With luggage or without, the Ultralight Touring 12.2 x 30 will have you on your way in no time, and as a complete touring SUP set incl. Carbonpaddle, it’s very attractively priced. The x-woven dropstitch makes it lightweight and small in pack size, while the wight of only 8.3 kg makes the SUP board very easy to handle while you are not on the water. A great stiffness comes with very good performance. The slightly wider tail gives it high stability reserves. This is noticeable with higher luggage loads and in choppy water.

Features at a glance:


The cause of the light weight also implies a small pack size. This makes it ideal for carefree transport and compact storage.

Waterproof bag

After inflating the board, the pump, clothes and valuables go into the waterproof backpack. So nothing is left behind and you are independent.

Price/Performance Ratio

The set with Carbon paddle and leash costs only 1090 Euro

X-Woven Dropstitch

Less Dropstitch Material makes it lighter, but x-woven makes it stiffer. Win-Win-Situation

Prelaminated Double Layer

The board is built on double-layer laminated dropstitch fabric. The layers are thinner than conventional boards, resulting in the light weight.

Additional information




12'2" / 372 cm


6" / 15 cm


320 l


55 – 120 Kg
+ 140 KG luggage


Single Finne (Boltless-Fin)


8,3 Kg


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