Starboard Touring SUP ZEN 12’6″ – The best Touring-SUP Set


Whether with luggage or without, with the Zen Touring 12.6 x 30 you are fast on your way and as a complete set it is very attractively priced. The linear dropstitch makes it light and small in pack size, the welded rails make the SUP board durable and ecologically well thought out.



We have been using the Starboard Zen Touring iSUP in SUP schools since 2020 and are convinced of the quality of the board. But also on tours, the complete SUP set with paddle and leash makes quite a good figure. The front and rear luggage nets are not as extensively dimensioned as the Indiana Touring 14×30, but well placed and large enough for 2-3 day trips.

The flat rocker line gives it a large contact area on the water, unlike boards with a bent up nose. As a result, it glides quickly over the water and has a better straight line run.

The 12’6″ is suitable for riders from 55 to 110 kg and offers the perfect balance of speed, stability and maneuverability you can expect from a
Touring board you can expect.

That’s why we love the Starboard Touring SUP Zen 12.6 x 30 :

With luggage or without, the Zen Touring 12.6 x 30 will have you on your way in no time, and as a complete touring SUP set, it’s very attractively priced. The linear dropstitch makes it lightweight and small in pack size, while the welded rails make the SUP board durable and ecologically thoughtful.

Features at a glance:

Rail Edge Release

The innovative Rail Edge on the tail provides a better water break and therefore a better guidance of the board during the ride.

2-in-1 Shoulder Strap

This allows you to carry it effortlessly to the water and attach your paddle when you don’t need it. The zen comes with 2 D-rings only. The strap must be purchased separately.

Flat carry handle

Unobtrusive for added comfort, yet easy to carry. You won’t feel it when you step on it or when you lie on it.

Price/Performance Ratio

The set with fiberglass paddle and leash costs only 749 Euro

Linear Dropstitch

The ZEN Touring Board is made with “LINEAR” dropstitch construction, where a linear alignment of the yarn, depending on the length of the board, provides maximum stiffness and response.

Galvanized Rails

New are the high quality 2000D galvanized railbands which give the board even more stability.

Additional information




12'6" / 381cm


6" / 15 cm


19.3" / 49.0 сm


355 l


55 – 110 Kg


Single Finne (Zen-Fin)


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