Testboard Indiana 14’0 TOURING RAUS UND MACHEN


We sell here our test board RAUS UND MACHEN 14.0, a very appropriate name that we have taken to heart at 3 degrees water temperature and a lot of wind. We had a lot of fun with the board!( of course we have treated it with care! )

The board is in mint condition

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The perfect choice for micro-adventurers. The pointed and flat touring shape ensures brisk progress.  With its two large luggage nets (6 D-rings in the front and 8 D-rings in the back), it offers plenty of space for luggage. The woven Pre-Laminated Double-Layer Dropstitch makes it robust and stiffer. The Fiberglasss Foot Bases in the stance area provide a hardboard feel. The board has a ¼ inch camera connector so you can record your tours via an action cam.


Scope of delivery

130L DrybagHP 2 Double Action Pump,
Repair Kit,
8.5 Hyperflow Polyamide Fin,

Technologies and construction



The board features Woven (woven) Pre-Laminated Double Layer material, making it lighter and stiffer than ever before.

The Fiberglass Foot Bases

The foot base is reinforced with a layer of fiberglass for even better stability.


All Inflatable Touring and Raceboards have a straight shape without nose-rocker for more speed and straight running.

Split fin box

The board has a split US Box fin box. This allows it to roll up better and save space without breaking the fin box. The 8.5 Hyperflow polyamide fin provides a good straight line run,

130L Drybag

With its Drybag Indiana goes new ways. To the board is not supplied as usual a backpack with wheels, but a 130 liter drybag. Space enough to store the board, pump, paddle and additional luggage such as towel and neoprene. A belt system with which you can wear the Drybag as a backpack is available, but you look for wheels in vain. But you can use the Drybag on the board and the luggage remains dry. Empty folded it takes up hardly any space. Ideal for traveling on the water.

Fin Bolt

A smart fin bolt, which together with the fin plate remains permanently on the fin and can therefore not be lost.


Indiana gives 2 years warranty . if you register the board on the homepage of Indiana for free , you get one year warranty on top.

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9. Deckpad

10. Fin Setup

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