Testboard SIC 21 OKEANOS AIR-GLIDE 12.6 X31.0 FST


The OKEANOS AIR-GLIDE 12.6 X31.FST was one of the first boards we tested BAJAO Cabin on. It was the model for some very nice pictures and videos. Of course we also paddled the board, but we treated it very carefully. It is

The board is in mint condition.

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By popular demand, SIC introduced the Okeanos Air-Glide model in 2020. This board is modeled after the Okeanos Composite model in terms of dimensions and design. The Okeanos appeals to a large target group of paddlers and can be loaded with a lot of gear on both the bow and the stern due to a generous configuration of luggage straps. The board can be equipped with a single center fin or with two additional side fins for stability and better tracking. It can also be used with just the two side fins in flat water, rivers and even whitewater. The FST technology (Fusion Skin Technology) makes this board very stiff and durable, so it can keep up with fixed touring boards even with the larger payload.

Scope of delivery

Luggage tension rubbers
Double stroke pump
2+1 fins set-up 9.0″ weedless fin (nylon) + 2x side fins
Roll backpack
Repair Kit with replacement fin plates


Technologies and Construction


FST (Fusion Skin Technology) the stiffest material you can make an inflatable with. This material has a low stretch, high strength skin that is heat welded to the outer PVC skin.  This stiffer skin ensures that the board is super stiff at pressures as low as 15psi, although it could be inflated to 20 psi

Drop stitch

The boards are built using a tight drop stitch process.

Air7 polycarbonate fin box,

which is stiffer and more stable than other fin boxes


Additional information

1. Brand

2. Length

3. Width

4. Thickness

5. Weight

6. Volume

7. Paddler weight

8. Packing Net

10. Fin Setup

9. Deckpad

11. Construction

12. Inflatable PSI

13. Special Features



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