Testboard SIREN Tiburon 13.3 HCT


After extensive testing with BAJAO Cabin and a few, in winter admittedly rather smaller tours, we sell our well maintained Tiburon with a heavy heart.

The board is in mint condition.

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Testboard SIREN Tiburon 13.3 HCT

The Touring i-SUP Board Tiburon 13.3 HCT is the perfect companion for long tours and adventures. The length of 4.08m makes the board very true to track and smooth running. Due to the high volume and the two luggage nets, quite a bit of luggage can be carried. The Dyneema stringer and the HCT technology stiffen the Touring i-SUP Board Tiburon 13.3 HCT enormously and make it one of the most stable i-SUP boards in the house of SIREN. Due to its moderate width, the Tiburon is tilt-resistant so that even beginners can handle it well. Despite its size, the Tiburon 13.3 HCT is by no means ponderous; it can also be paddled at a sporty speed. Therefore, it is by no means a pure tourer, but rather an all-rounder with a tendency for long distances.

Fin box: US box
Material: PVC, Dropstitch, Dyneema, HCT

Scope of delivery

Siren Tiburon13.3 HCT
i-SUP Fin Race/Touring,
Backpack with wheels and carrying straps,
Triple Action pump and repair kit,
Assembly instructions, warranty document
Luggage lines.

Technologies and construction


Siren builds almost all of its i-SUP boards in single layer and single chamber construction. This saves a lot of material and therefore weight. :Stiffness and robustness can be guaranteed in other ways. The Siren boards are the best example for this!

Woven drop stitch

Many thin fiber bundles connect the top and bottom of the board inside. This way it keeps its shape and remains stiff and resilient.

HCT (Hybrid Carbon Technology) Rail & Stringer

The rail is the lateral webbing that spans horizontally around the board. This is made of a low-stretch and durable material made of PVC reinforced with carbon fiber. This protects the board from minor collisions and prevents it from twisting longitudinally.

Dyneema Stringer

A stringer made of Dyneema, an extremely low-stretch material, spans the board lengthwise. This guarantees stiffness and good handling. Even with a paddler weight over 100 kg it does not make the “banana”.

Split fin box

All Siren i-SUP boards have a split US Box fin box. Thus, the board can be rolled up better and more space-saving, without the fin box can break.



Additional information

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4. Thickness

6. Volume

5. Weight

7. Paddler weight

8. Packing Net

11. Construction

9. Deckpad

12. Inflatable PSI

10. Fin Setup

13. Special Features

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