A rooftop tent!

We have just exhibited at an outdoor and vanlife trade fair. The enthusiasm for our BAJAO Cabin was enormous! Not because so many people were stand up paddling there, but because all the visitors and other exhibitors praised the versatility of our tent. There is no more multifunctional tent on the market.

The lightest roof tent in the world!

BAJAO Cabin weighs less than 15 kilograms together with a standard SUP. A normal, small roof tent weighs over 50 kg. Setting up a BAJAO Cabin takes just two minutes before it is lifted onto the roof rack. Unlike most other roof tents, it does not protrude over the wing mirrors of the car, making it legal to use anywhere. The outer tent of a BAJAO Cabin is made of double siliconized nylon and offers maximum ventilation comfort without condensation thanks to its double walls. Most roof tents are only single-walled and made of cheap polyester.

The cheapest roof tent in the world!

A roof tent usually costs over 2,000 euros. A BAJAO Cabin costs just under a quarter of that. Even if you don’t have your own paddleboard yet, you can often get a decent touring board for as little as 500 euros.

The most versatile roof tent in the world!

With a BAJAO Cabin you can not only sleep on the roof of your car. You can also use it with a board on land, no matter what the surface. Mud, stones, sand… No problem for a BAJAO Cabin. You can use it like a normal trekking tent without a board as a base.  And of course you can anchor it on shallow water and turn it into your own little luxury yacht.


Now available worldwide

BAJAO Cabin is the most versatile tent in the world. The Swiss Army Knife of tents - innovative, high quality, patented.

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