Sleep on your car
Great rooftop tent
Overnighter with your SUP
Rocky ground? No problem

Extend your next tour

Easy to install on
your board

BAJAO Cabin can be very easily attached to your board. The tubes are quickly inflated with a SUP- or kite pump. With a little practice the whole thing takes less than 2 minutes.


We have designed BAJAO Cabin so that you can sleep on your board – on the water, on land, on the roof of your car or even without a board directly on the ground.

Fits on every
board above 11.6

BAJAO Cabin has a length of nearly three meters, so that there is enough space for you and your luggage inside. Therefore BAJAO Cabin fits on any board above 11.6 length.

small package

Due to its inflated tubes and high quality fabrics, BAJAO Cabin has a very small pack size and therefore don't need much space on your board.

About BAJAO Cabin

BAJAO Cabin fishing camping on water

Camp on the water

With BAJAO Cabin you can sleep on your board. Of course we can not recommend anchoring in a waterway or in the waves.

Camp on the board

With BAJAO Cabin you sleep on land on your boards. You don’t need more space than your board itself.

BAJAO Cabin tent on a Sic Sup Board on beach
The cheapest rooftop tent for your Car

Camp on your car

You are on the road with the SUP and your car? BAJAO Cabin also works on your car roof if you find a nice place to rest!

Camp without SUP

Of course you can use BAJAO Cabin without a board underneath and sleep directly on the ground.

BAJAO Cabin without Board

BAJAO Cabin -
hiking the water

The first product to bring a tent on nearly any SUP board.

Bajao Cabin is a double-walled tent with air poles that can be strapped onto any SUP from a length of 11.6 and thus extends the board by a cabin. BAJAO Cabin allows you to extend you tour to two days or more, using your Board as a sleeping platform. No need for a camping mat if using an iSUP; no need to secure your board while you are sleeping.

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Some pictures of our prototype and first productionsample

Camping on water


Fits on every board

Production Sample

make it a roof tent


Inner tent ventilation

Production Sample

enjoy the adventure


More stability

Production Sample

stay where you like


sleep on top of your car

Production Sample

inflatable tent


Be one with nature

Production Sample

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What people say about us

See some pictures of our prototype in use

Team behind BAJAO

profile Julia

Julia joined the Team 2019 and since then BAJAO made huge steps forward.

Julia Görisch

Christoph on Starboard sup with sunova paddle

Christoph had the idea in 2017 and worked on BAJAO Cabin eversince. He is a well known paddler in Germany with his own schools and rental stations. Since 2019 he is chairman of the German SUP Association.

Christoph Mantz

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