BAJAO Cabin , Das Sup- Zelt

BAJAO Cabin , The Sup-Tent


BAJAO Cabin with Vorzeit
BAJAO Cabin offers stand-up paddlers a whole new way to enjoy nature to the full. It is the Swiss Army knife of tents: versatile, easy to set up and designed for a wide range of uses. Here are some of the outstanding advantages of BAJAO Cabin. The double-walled concept with integrated mosquito protection and waterproof outer tent made of double siliconized nylon ensures that you sleep dry and undisturbed. Whether you are spending the night in a meadow, on a campsite or on the water, the BAJAO Cabin is quick to set up and always offers you the protection you want.

Spend the night on the water
BAJAO Cabin on the water

BAJAO Cabin was invented to spend the night on the water. That makes this tent unique. It was specially developed by stand-up paddlers for stand-up paddlers to upgrade your board for longer tours. It adds a cabin to the board. The integrated sidepipes give your board the necessary stability so that you can sleep safely and comfortably on the water. You can be gently lulled to sleep without an over-tent and still remain protected from mosquitoes.  - An experience that would not be possible with a conventional tent.

Spend the night on land

BAJAO Cabin without flysheet

The BAJAO Cabin can not only be used on the water, but also offers numerous advantages on land. Whether the ground is rocky, wet, muddy or uneven, you can spend the night anywhere you can put your SUP down. Your board serves as excellent protection against moisture from below, which is often a problem in conventional tents. In addition, the BAJAO Cabin offers excellent theft protection for your SUP board, as it is firmly attached to the tent. The spacious interior of the tent also offers enough space to store your luggage safely and dryly.

Spend the night in a roof tent

BAJAO Cabin car roof

The BAJAO Cabin also shows its versatility as a roof tent on the roof of your car. You can attach it to any car with a roof rack. It is the lightest and most affordable roof tent in the world and the only one that you can use in good weather without an outer tent. So you can sleep on the roof of your car, lying on your SUP and enjoying the starry sky - an unforgettable experience.


Stay overnight without a board

BAJAO Cabin without board

The BAJAO Cabin also shows its true versatility when you are traveling without a board. (Not that this happens to us often, but it does happen) In such cases, the tent can simply be pitched on the ground like a conventional tent. You either close the valves to the sidepipes so that they are not inflated, or leave the sidepipes at home to save on luggage. So you only inflate the two arches and peg down the tent with the pegs supplied. 


The BAJAO Cabin is a revolutionary tent designed specifically for stand-up paddlers. With the option to stay on the water, on land or as a rooftop tent, it offers flexibility and versatility that is second to none. It is easy to set up, offers excellent protection from the elements and makes your SUP adventure a unique experience. Whether you want to be gently rocked to sleep on the water, spend the night on land on uneven terrain or sleep on the roof of your car under the stars - the BAJAO Cabin is your perfect companion.

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