The Creation of the BAJAO Cabin

The idea

Paddler lying on his board

At first it was just an idea after realizing that with Stand Up Paddling you can't just leave the water and pack up your things.  5 km inland just because the nearest campsite is there, but in some countries like Germany you are not allowed to camp wild, the idea of ​​sleeping on the water was born. After all, boats are allowed almost everywhere.  This idea gave rise to more and more possibilities: 

  • If you sleep on the board, you don't need to secure it against theft.
  • If you sleep on the board, you don't need an ISO mat.
  • When you sleep on the board, the surface doesn’t matter
  • Why doesn't that exist? Well then, let's do it.
  • This is how the first prototype was created.

The first prototype

Christoph sews a tent
We sewed the first prototype with blood, sweat and tears from old kites, old sails, curtain clips and Velcro. The result was a small tent that was tailor-made to fit exactly one board. The tent was single-walled, had the arches as an ectotic skeleton on the outside and was anything but spacious.

Of course, we put this prototype through its paces with great dedication. We took it with us everywhere, including to Sri Lanka.

Christoph in the prototype in Sri Lanka

With this prototype, we then went looking for producers, won our first competition, the Nordpreneur, and applied for a patent before presenting the tent to the public for the first time in September 2021.

Production samples

Stability test BAJAO Cabin

A series of production samples followed, each of which we tested and improved further. For example, we quickly had to abandon our first idea of ​​making the tent red, as muted colors are much more often requested here in Central Europe. BAJAO Cabin red by the river

In June 2023 the time had finally come. We were able to present you BAJAO Cabin in all its perfect beauty.

We are very excited to see where our journey will take us in the future.

You can look forward to it!