safety instructions

General warnings. 

  • No open fire in the tent. Set up the tent far enough away from fire pits and protect it from flying sparks. 
  • Do not use unprotected electronics in the tent, especially in the rain or on the water.
  • Tent must not come into contact with hot water or steam. 
  • No construction in storms.
  • Choose pegs that suit the surface. (Pegs for other surfaces can be found in the accessories section.)
  • Always tension the tent according to the wind conditions. 
  • Always tighten the guy ropes properly
  • Hail damages the tent.
  • Do not set up during heavy snowfall.
  • Clear snow from the tent regularly.

Warnings for use on water

Anchoring on water always involves risk. Therefore, the tent is only intended for use in knee-deep, calm water.

Only to be used on the water by one person. (Also, do not take children into the tent)

  • Always secure it well so that the board and tent cannot come loose. Be careful of wind and current.
  • Do not set up in a storm
  • Do not anchor in flowing water.
  • Do not anchor in the surf
  • Do not anchor in the fairway
  • Do not anchor in polluted waters
  • Do not anchor in nature reserves
  • The tent offers no protection against drowning.
  • Only set up with stabilizers for sleeping. If necessary, additionally secure with optional stabilizers.
  • The tent is not a water toy.
  • Do not leave children unattended.
  • The packaging must not fall into the hands of children 
  • Do not paddle when the tent is set up.
  • Make sure the board cannot drift away when the tent is set up. 

BAJAO is constantly developing its products. We reserve the right to change individual components. Illustrations in the assembly instructions may differ from the actual product.


Your tent is equipped with sufficient ventilation options. The formation of condensation is unavoidable. Nevertheless, always ensure good air circulation to minimize the formation of condensation. Please do not confuse condensation with penetrating moisture.


Open fire and flames are a danger to tent fabric. Avoid open fires in the tent and in the immediate vicinity of the tent.


Clean your tent when it is set up. Only use suitable cleaning agents to avoid damaging the 2-layer silicone coating. For stubborn dirt, we recommend cold water and a little soap. Only use soft cloths.
Never put in the washing machine or dry clean as this can irreversibly damage the coating. Do not iron.
Regularly remove dirt and sand from the zippers.
Silicone lubricants keep zippers supple. Zippers are wearing parts and are not covered by the warranty.
Do not spray sunscreen or insect repellent on the tent walls. This will damage the coating and may cause the tent to leak.


Only pack dry, clean and sand-free.


You should first set up your new tent on a trial basis and familiarize yourself with all the assembly steps before setting off on your first trip.

Dispose of the packaging properly.

We offer detailed instructions in our assembly video and the video for the first assembly.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.